chicken with brussels sprouts

Here at Luttrell Surgical we are always looking for recipes that are easy to prepare, nutritious and most importantly, delicious. Maintaing a healthy diet throughout the season will be a little easier with this Holiday Recipe – Game Hens with Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts found at Eating Well. Having a healthy diet is the […]

keeping off winter weight

We all find it hard not to gain weight over the holidays… How do we keep from gaining winter weight??? Here are some simple tips on how to keep from gaining winter weight: There are less hours of daylight, so if your workouts are outside, plan accordingly. Be aware that […]

Have a Healthy Thanksgiving Managing personal wellness can be challenging during the holidays, but it is possible. It’s even possible on Thanksgiving, when food, travel, and potentially stressful family gatherings are often the focus instead of your wellness regimen.  Having a wellness plan can keep you moving towards optimal health, even during […]

Brandy’s Orbera Balloon Surgery at Saline Memorial Hospital Watch our first weight-loss balloon patient and Dr. Luttrell talk about the procedure and the journey. Find out about Brandy’s Orbera Balloon Surgery! “I’ve been waiting and wanting something like this for a long time,” says Brandy Garner, Orbera patient. “With me, I […]

Healthy Recipes Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, your diet plays a very important role in helping you succeed, and remain successful. In some cases, eating healthy and exercising is all you need to stay fit. In every case, we suggest converting to a healthy diet after your successful weight […]

When you think about Arkansas, ground breaking surgical procedures don’t typically come first to mind. However, Luttrell Surgical and Healthy Aging is proud to be making headlines for exactly that. On September 10, Dr. Luttrell performed Arkansas’s first incision-less, nonsurgical ORBERA Intragastric Balloon procedure at Saline Memorial Hospital. The procedure, in which […]