Healthy Recipes: Thai Mushroom and Coconut Soup

Healthy Recipes

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, your diet plays a very important role in helping you succeed, and remain successful. In some cases, eating healthy and exercising is all you need to stay fit. In every case, we suggest converting to a healthy diet after your successful weight loss surgery.

We love suggesting healthy recipes to our patients, and will regularly be sharing meal ideas to help keep you accountable. Even in the world of surgical weight loss procedures, it still takes a dedicated mindset and positive attitude towards one’s diet to continue to see results.

This Thai Mushroom and Coconut Soup recipe, recently featured on the food blog, The Earthy Delights Blog, is packed full of nutrients and savory flavors.

This rich and satisfying soup starts with a mixture of dried mushrooms typical of Asian cooking – shiitakes, with their deep and distinctive woodsy flavor; oyster mushrooms, with a light buttery taste that goes well with everything; lastly, woodear mushrooms, which have very little flavor at all, but which contribute a wonderfully crunchy texture.

Thai Mushroom and coconut soup makes a hearty & satisfying meal in itself, but it also makes an excellent starting point for improvisation.  Add leftover shredded chicken or sliced pork, cubes of tofu, peeled shrimp or steamed vegetables – or any combination thereof – to add interest & variety. Like all good healthy recipes, where you take the dish all depends on the contents of your pantry, refrigerator or garden and your own personal inspiration.

Healthy Recipe Tip: If you are a fan of spicy foods, then add a little heat to instantly take the excitement factor  up! For this recipe we suggest serving with sriracha on the side!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this or any of our healthy recipes you will find on our site!

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